The Cheshire Selectmen continued their discussion on the senior/veteran tax work-off program and may decrease the income threshold. reports the board members spent time during their workshop meeting Tuesday generating questions and concerns about the program that town meeting approved last year to help these certain members of the community reduce their property tax burden.
The program, which has been adopted by other Berkshire County municipalities, allows eligible seniors to work or complete tasks for their community. Instead of receiving payment, an earned amount is subtracted from their taxes.
The Selectmen realized they could not simply offer the program as is with the age limits and income thresholds. As it stands, more than 24 percent of the town's population would be eligible for the program, or 773 people.
Currently, the age cut-off is 60 years old and the income threshold is 400 percent of the federal poverty level. This means a single household income threshold would be $51,520 and a married household threshold would be $69,000.

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