Let's just say this, I have a lot of friends that are always saying how they can't stand the cold weather and can't wait for those warm summer days again. I don't say I disagree because I am a summer person I will say. But let's take a moment to appreciate what we have in the winter here in the Baystate.

Ice Fishing is a big sport especially in the wintertime. Like the Sixth Annual Fishing Derby put on by the Cheshire Fire Department coming up on Sunday February 12th!

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Tickets for the derby will be available starting this weekend! We will be selling them at the Cheshire Rod & Gun Club Swap Meet on Saturday. They will also be available at B & R Bait Shop in Cheshire, and at Cheshire Sporting Goods until derby day.
A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the raffle prize donors so far:
PUBLIC eat + drink
District kitchen & bar
Aj’s Trailside Pub
Mingo’s Sports Bar
Biggins Diggins
Bright Ideas Brewing
Cheshire Sporting Goods
Dave’s Sporting Goods
Heritage Tip Ups
Scot Garner
Colin Haas
Laina Main
Ronnie’s Cycle
Whitney’s Farm
HD Reynolds
Berkshire Outfitters
Hobby World
Pittsfield Home Depot
Pittsfield Walmart
Williamstown Aubuchon
JCB Lawncare
B & R Bait
Bedard Bros. Auto Sales
Grazie Italian Ristorante
Tres Nenos Taqueria
The Todd Family
The Lewis Family
Cheshire Fire Department Facebook Page
Cheshire Fire Department Facebook Page
More Winter Festivities Will Be Announced Soon So Stay Tuned for Updates!

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