They often say 50 is the new 30, and some new census data bears this out: More Americans aged 85 and older are still working than in any other time in history.

More than 255,000 Americans in that demographic were still at it in the last 12 months, in fact, according to data culled by the Washington Post. As the paper points out, that number is double what it was before the recession, and the highest ever recorded.

Those golden-years go-getters are serving as everything from crossing guards to farmers to truckers, while potential workers in their 30s are waiting longer to join the workforce at levels not seen since the '60s and '70s.

As people live longer and retirement savings dwindle -- coupled with the fact that those once considered "elderly" are far more spry than in years past -- many people are continuing to be productive into their later years.  However, the majority of the jobs were less physically demanding, like sales or management.

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