As I continue to add to these galleries featuring celebrities born in Massachusetts including the Berkshires, I think back to some celebrities I have seen or met in Berkshire County.

There was a time several years ago when actress Karen Allen was a guest on a radio talk show that was airing at the time in Great Barrington entitled the 'Fierce Fashionistas.' Of course, it's pretty well known that Karen lives in the Berkshires and even has her own shop here, 'Karen Allen Fiber Arts.' When I was engineering the show, I had a moment to speak with Karen before starting the recording process. She was very nice to me and a warm, down-to-earth person. A true pleasure.

Another instance of me witnessing a celebrity in the Berkshires was many years back when I happened to be at the Red Herring in Williamstown. Actress, Claire Danes was sitting at a table with a group of people enjoying a meal. I didn't speak with her or anything but she appeared to be very happy and joyful. I assumed Claire was visiting the Berkshires because she was involved with a project at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

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I have also interviewed and spent time with Strockbridge's own Kenny Aronoff. Kenny is a drum god and is one of the most in-demand drummers in the business. Not only has Kenny been a longtime drummer for John Mellencamp and John Fogerty, but he has also recorded and toured with tons of acts including Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Meat Loaf, Bob Seger, Avril Lavigne, Pat Benetar and the list goes on forever. Even with all of his success, Kenny was another one who was very kind. He took the time to speak with me on and off-air, answer questions, and he even signed one of my drum heads. Kenny comes back to the Berkshires every so often to visit his family and friends. He also puts on drum clinics as he has done in the past at Monument Mountain Regional High School and the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center.  Kenny is the bomb.

Then there was a time when my wife spotted actor David Schwimmer in Stop and Shop in North Adams. My wife played it cool, but did try to catch a better glimpse of him without David noticing. She succeeded. Similar to Claire Danes, I believe David Schwimmer may have been in the Berkshires to be part of a project at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

These are just a few examples of the Berkshires being a destination for celebrities to either visit or set up shop and make their permanent home. There's no doubt that Massachusetts and the Berkshires have produced many talented folks that have gone on to be huge stars.

Our previous collection of celebrities born in Massachusetts including the Berkshires featured 92 entries and now we have updated and expanded to 100. There are many more celebrities to be added over time and I will add them. For now, let's take a look at 100 celebrities who were born in Massachusetts including the Berkshires. Update: We recently updated our list in April of 2022 and as a bonus, we're giving you 110 Massachusetts-born celebrities. 

These Celebrities Were Born in Massachusetts...Some in the Berkshires

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