Even though Mother's Day will look a little different this year because of the coronavirus outbreak, there are still some positive aspects we can focus on.  Like the fact that Mother's Day might be more meaningful this year, since the crisis has shown us how important it is to show family members that we care . . . and the fact that we can get more creative, instead of relying on the same things we do every year.

Some are planning to spend more this year.  The average person says they plan to spend $205 for Mother's Day this year, which is about $8 more than last year.

And people under 25 are actually planning on spending $39 more than they did last year.  Mainly because they're more likely to buy mom electronics, like an Alexa, Google, or Facebook device that makes it easier to connect.

3.  You have the opportunity to get creative.  Unfortunately, a lot of us aren't ABLE to spend a ton this year because of job layoffs and other affects from the crisis.  So you might need to get creative, instead of relying on the same things you do every year.

That might involve treating mom to breakfast in bed, or a spa day at home, doing a puzzle together, watching her favorite movie, driving by her house with signs and balloons, or planning a family video call.

National Retail Federation


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