Family law attorney Laura Wasser makes divorce look easy. She knows it’s not, mind you, but after handling dozens of high-profile divorce cases over the years, she’s figured out a way to streamline the process for the masses. Wasser has created an online divorce platform called Yup, now you can get divorced digitally. 

As she explains to ABC Radio, the site helps people download and fill out the forms, as well as provide a directory with referrals for anything you might need during and after divorce, including co-parenting counselors, personal trainers and financial consultants.

 But all this begs the question: If divorce becomes super easy, does that mean more people will do it?

 “I doubt that people will just get divorced because it’s easy,” Wasser says. “Divorce is gonna be difficult no matter what because it’s heartbreaking and it’s scary and you’re ending a relationship.”

She adds, “My hope is that people who would otherwise be ending their relationships and hold back because it’s too complicated or too expensive of a process have the liberty to be able to go on and say maybe I can be the master of my own destiny and do this on my own.” 

Wasser has represented everyone from Angelina Jolie to Kim Kardashian, but she says that one thing she’s learned from her celebrity clients is that we’re all the same when it comes to divorce.

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