Bar Lowered, a Bit, On Quarantine Rule For Arriving Visitors
To be considered low risk, a state’s rate must be below 5 percent. In New England, that’s the case for Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and, also, New York, and also for Washington, D.C. With the new standards, people traveling in from California, Hawaii, New Jersey and Washi…
Cheshire Stays With Single Tax Rate
According to calculations presented to the board, this would make the tax rate about $13.38 per $1,000 valuation, but Board of Assessors Chairwoman Barbara Astorino cautioned they were not setting a rate but rather classification.
Baker-Polito Administration Launches Eviction Diversion
The Baker-Polito administration has launched a $171 million "Eviction Diversion Initiative" to keep tenants safely in their homes and to support the ongoing expenses of landlords once the commonwealth's pause of evictions and foreclosures expires on Saturday, Oct. 17.

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