Summer Road Trips are here and anytime I take a road trip with someone, 90% of the time I'm doing the driving so this doesn't really apply to me. However, it seems to be a thing with women. I know my other half is guilty of it.

They're some women I know as friends personally that do put their feet up on the dash when going on a long distance trip. I get it, it's a long car ride and you don't want your knees to be bent for that long. No big deal right? Although if you're ever in an accident, it could lead to serious consequences.

So is it against the law to ride with your feet on the dashboard in Massachusetts?

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It isn't necessarily illegal in Massachusetts to have your feet on the dash while riding in a vehicle, however an officer can pull you over if your passenger is obstructing your view from the passenger's side mirror. As mentioned before, it is extremely dangerous to do this while riding in a vehicle even it's just a minor accident.

So, what are the consequences?

The twitter post above pretty much explains it all. It may be from the United Kingdom, but it can happen anywhere. One of the main reasons behind it is because most modern vehicles that we have come equipped with airbag systems. Which can lead to broken bones including limbs. Of course injuries are still severe even if you own an older vehicle without airbags. So let's be safe, keep our feet on the floor, buckle up, and have a safe trip on our next destination.

Are you or your passengers guilty for putting their feet on the dash? Let us know on our station app. Don't worry, we won't rat you out.

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