I have super fond memories of our trip to Yellowstone National Park back in June, even though we got kicked out!

No, not for drinking alcohol (the title to this post), but due to unprecedented severe weather. Flooding literally closed the iconic U.S. destination for almost a week, and it started the day we got there.

I Was Wrong About The Law

Although I wasn't in the state of Massachusetts at the time, I was consuming alcohol as a passenger on the rented RV we were in. I just assumed that you could, but you, in actuality, you cannot.

Yes, I'm talking about the RV being in motion regarding the law.

An "open container" is defined as any bottle, can, or receptacle that has been opened, has a broken seal, or has had the contents partially removed or consumed. -dui.drivinglaws.org

So, yeah, passengers are not supposed to drink alcohol while the RV is in motion. I did have some beer as a passenger in the RV because I thought you could hence this post. Massachusetts does have some exceptions, though.

A passenger can lawfully possess an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle that's designed and used for transporting persons for compensation and in the living area of a house coach or house trailer. However, it's unlawful for the driver of such a vehicle to possess an open container of alcohol. -dui.drivinglaws.org

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