If there is one thing that makes Massachusetts, Massachusetts, it's not its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, or even its iconic sports teams, it's Dunkin Donuts.

After a 2018 rebranding, Dunkin' Donuts is now officially titled Dunkin', but has and always will be affectionately referred to as Dunks, by its longtime patrons.

Founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950, the chain has been loved by New Englanders for decades, and the brand had been growing at a tremendous pace. In recent years the brand has expanded to other parts of the nation, and across the globe. At this point, there are over 12,000 locations worldwide, but the chain will always call Massachusetts home, and most of us are proud to keep it that way.

At one point Massachusetts led the world as the state with the most Dunkin locations, but in recent years, our neighboring state of New York has taken over that title. New York, which is worth noting has a much higher state population than Massachusetts, is now home to 1,414 Dunks locations, compared to our 1,069 stores. The next closest state numbers-wise is Florida, home to 884 Dunkin locations.

Despite New York having more locations, everyone knows it goes without saying that Massachusetts is the Dunks capital of the world, but which Dunkin location is considered the busiest Dunks in the world?

Where is the Busiest Dunkin in the World?

Finding an answer to this was both very easy and very difficult. Although there are no official statistics or numbers-based evidence provided by the coffee chain itself, the internet widely agreed that the Dunkin' located at 755 Main St in South Weymouth, Massachusetts is the busiest there is.

So if there are no numbers to back that up, why is this so commonly agreed upon? Sales aside, the Dunkin' is South Weymouth is one of the few Dunks locations that has both a double lane drive-thru serving on average over 3000 cups of coffee just in the morning hours alone. AND this Dunks has its own bakery and kitchen on siteAccording to an employee, most other locations have their donuts and other baked goods shipped in. Not in South Weymouth, fresh donuts and interesting and unique flavors are available at that location.


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