Facing possible cuts from Gov. Charlie Baker's budget proposal, the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority already has come up with its own cuts to bus routes, and is looking for public comment at a series of hearings starting Monday in North Adams.

The Berkshire Eagle reports some bus service cuts are deep, shrinking the weekday hourly service between Great Barrington and Lee to one bus, for instance. In the Northern and Central Berkshires, Saturday routes with hourly departures connecting North Adams and Pittsfield, and Pittsfield and Lee, also would be reduced to a single bus, among other changes.

The changes would begin July 1, according to BRTA's March 30 announcement.

Also, fares might increase for rides using a Charlie Card — cash prices would remain the same.

North Adams Mayor Thomas Bernard said he has been in contact with BRTA officials to discuss the proposed changes.

State Rep. John Barrett III, D-North Adams, also expressed frustration.

"To have these public hearings now is nothing but scaring people, and they don't have any answers yet," Barrett said.

"Their answer to everything is just to cut service," Barrett said.

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