Texas country singer Bri Bagwell puts her life experience into song on her newest album, Corazón y Cabeza. Premiering exclusively on Taste of Country, this album houses a cumulation of emotions, ranging from love and vulnerability, to anger and hardships.

Bagwell has been focused on honing her country music craft since she was little. At a young age she taught herself how to play guitar and piano, later standing on stage to perform at just 14 years old. Growing up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the writing and language of her Spanish culture oozes into the notes on her latest album.

Corazón y Cabeza — which translates to Heart and Head — is composed of 11 tracks. In a press release, Bagwell notes that this album is the most personal set of songs that she’s ever recorded.

“It is open, honest, vulnerable, and I lean hard into my roots,” she shares with Taste of Country, “But this isn't eleven songs that I had to find to fill up space. This is eleven songs chosen from a hundred or more, carefully examined and fine-tuned sitting on the floor of Rachel Loy's house, executed by some of Nashille's finest musicians, and sprinkled with some Spanish flair. I love it with my whole heart (and head)."

Bagwell shows a range of talent on this project, holding both spitfire energy — see: "Table Manner" — and soulful drip in songs like “The Dust”.

Out of the 11 tracks, “Old Together” is the singer’s favorite.

“Most of my favorite songs are ones that fall out quickly, and this one I wrote in under an hour,” Bagwell expresses. “It's inspired by my fear of dying young, and what I'd like my boyfriend to know if that ever happened. One of our dear friends suddenly died much before her time, and it had been heavy on my mind. This song is a tribute to her, and a love letter to my boyfriend with a hint of tragedy.”

It’s been four years since she released an album, so this new project is a major labor of love.

“It's more 'grown up' than my last few records, and it's incredibly vulnerable,” she tells Taste of Country. “There's also a wider range of songs and songwriting on this record. There's one song that sounds like a Blink 182 track (no joke!), and one that is classically vintage country.”

Bagwell has rubbed shoulders with some of country music’s finest musically: She's played alongside Willie Nelson, Miranda Lambert and Dwight Yoakam.

Bri Bagwell's Corazón y Cabeza Album Tracklist:

1. "Trenches"
2. "Cowboy Cold"
3. "Free Man"
4. "The Dust"
5. "Josefina"
6. "‘Til I Can Let You Go"
7. "Sarah"
8. "Hello Highway"
9. "Table Manners"
10. "Happy New Year"
11. "Old Together"

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