Can't stop smoking, eating snacks, or biting your nails? Meet the Pavlok,a self-help device that administers a shock every time you're tempted to indulge in your bad habits.

Worn on the wrist, the device looks like a FitBit -- but with a press of a button, it delivers a 350-volt jolt to get you to associate a little pain with your pleasure.

It's sort of like a reverse Pavlov response, hence the device's name.

Actually, psychologists call it aversion therapy, which they say can, "reduce the appeal of behaviors one wants to eliminate by associating them with physical or psychological discomfort."

In short, it's the same idea that stops your dog from misbehaving when they're wearing a shock collar. Except in this case, you're delivering the shock to yourself.

For $199, the Pavlok 2  comes with an included app that also lets you monitor your habits, control the shock intensity, and use it as an alarm clock that you WILL NOT be able to ignore.

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