iBerkshires.com reports Anthony Boskovich did not set out with a desire to run for Select Board.
He is answering the call of other residents who feel they have been left out of town politics, he said this week.
"I started getting calls from people," Boskovich said. "They were expressing real concerns that they were being shouted down if they dared express a viewpoint that was different from what they would call activists. I don't want to label anyone, but they felt they were being shouted down. They were worried about expressing their opinions. There were business owners who came to me and said, 'I don't dare say anything because I will get boycotted, and in these times, that could put me out of business.
Boskovich is one of two candidates who have filed nomination papers for an open three-year seat on the five-member Select Board. As it stands, he will be running against Jeffrey Johnson in the May 11 town election. The deadline to file completed nomination papers is Monday, March 22.

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