Man's best friend can also be some of the best medicine for patients at Berkshire Medical Center.
Dog owner Dr. Rebecca Caine believes that having a canine pal, or any pet, is good for both physical and mental health.
"There are a lot of benefits to the patients in the hospital and in other settings to spend time with animals," Caine said on a recent episode of Berkshire Health System's "Berkshire Health Program" on Pittsfield Community Television.
Caine was discussing the health benefits of therapy animals with Terry Cormier, who started Berkshire Medical Center's certified pet therapy program, Caring Companions, in 2003.
Cormier, an administrative assistant in BMC's Surgical Services, also works with the Berkshire Humane Society for the SafePet Program with BMC, which provides pet foster care for patients without other resources.
She was inspired to start the Caring Companions Pet Therapy Program at BMC after a similar organization came to the hospital with therapy dogs.
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