It’s an exciting time of year for sports fans and New Englanders certainly have reason to keep the refrigerator stocked with beer and plenty of snacks handy.  The Red Sox enter game 3 of the American League Championship Series tonight back home at Fenway.  The crowd will be buzzing both in the park and in living rooms across the Northeast.  October is the time all Sox fans were hoping to see their hometown team playing.  The Red Sox success has been a very pleasant surprise.  Although expectations were higher going into the season this year after last year’s miserable showing, no one expected the Sox to be in the ALCS, never mind with a good chance of winning it and moving onto the World Series.

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With the ALCS now tied at 1 game apiece, the Red Sox are in the driver seat with the next 3 games in Boston at friendly Fenway.  If the Red Sox can play outstanding baseball there is a possibility the Sox could finish off the Astros here at home.  Realistically if the Sox could win at least 2 out of 3 they would be in a position to only need to win 1 game in Houston, which isn’t an easy task.

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He’s the Red Sox breakdown for the week…

Game 3 – Tonight at Fenway Park – Gametime on WNAW, WBEC-AM, WSBS is 8:08.

Game 4 - Tuesday at Fenway Park - Gametime on WNAW, WBEC-AM, WSBS is 8:08.

Game 5 – Wednesday at Fenway Park -Gametime on WNAW, WBEC-AM, WSBS 4:08.

Game 6 – Friday in Houston – (if needed) Gametime TBA

Game 7 – Saturday on Houston (if needed) Gametime TBA

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The Bruins opened their 2021 regular season with a big win over the Dallas Stars.  The Bruins looked good coming away with a hard-fought 3 to 1 win with Brad Marchand scoring the final goal with under 2 minutes to play.  Marchand put the biscuit in the basket on a penalty shot late in the first period for the first goal of the season.  Jake DeBrusk scored the go-ahead goal early in the 3rd period to give the Bruins the lead.

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The Bruins play again Wednesday night against the Flyers in Philly.  Because of the Red Sox game 3 conflict, the Bruins will not be heard on the radio on WNAW and WBEC-AM.  If the Red Sox ALCS series is wrapped up by Friday, the Bruins 1st broadcast on WNAW and WBEC will be on Friday against the Sabers in Buffalo.

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The Celtics open up their 2021 season on Wednesday against the Knicks in New York.  Celtics games can also be heard on WNAW and WBEC-AM when there is not a conflict with the Red Sox or Bruins.

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The Patriots will be taking their 2 and 4 record into Gillette on Sunday for their second game of the season against the Jets.  The Pats beat the Jets the 2nd week of the season 25-6.  The Pats who lost a close action-packed game in overtime to the Cowboys yesterday, still have not won a game at home this season so far going 0-4.  The Jets will be well-rested coming off their bye-week and having two weeks to prepare for their division rivals.  If the Patriots lose to the Jets all hell will break loose in New England.  The rest of the Patriots' regular-season games can be heard on WNAW and WBEC-AM.

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