Not trying to crush anyone's hopes and dreams by all means when it comes to nostalgia in Massachusetts. Especially the Berkshires and we only report the facts here. This article is a follow up to last one about the possibility of Ames Department Stores making a return in 2023 according to Check out the previous article by clicking here.

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Many people are taking to social media saying that this all too good to be true but at the same time are hopeful. One of the main reasons is the face that the weblink is not a "secured" URL which gives suspicion that the site is not legitimate. It was also reported that the main owners 'Molyneux Group' doesn't have any contact information to support information related to any grand reopening's of Ames in 2023. Not to mention, Ames and even Bradlee's have very little site on social media platforms considering the fact when they closed, social media at the time was very slimmed down to services like email, and Instant Messager. Heck even Myspace didn't come around until a year later after all store locations closed permanently in 2002.

Right now, we're at a standpoint where only time will tell. I mean, I am definitively excited to hear if it's true or not since Ames did a play a small part in my childhood. The year was exactly 2002, the last time I went to Ames in the old Berkshire Mall before they shuttered. This story will be updated as new information progresses.

Do you think Ames is coming back in 2023 or do you think it's all a hoax? Let us know on our station app. 

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