Berkshire Family and Individual Resources has purchased the bottle and can redemption center at 1000 Massachusetts Ave.  reports the center was acquired from David Moresi of Moresi & Associates, with whom BFAIR had been working for several years while the agency managed the customer service portion of the business.

Theresa Gelinas, BFAIR's senior vice president of Day Services, said the center has been an integral part in offering employement opportunities to the agency's clients.

"The employees acquire customer services skills with the support of BFAIR's Employment Program staff, assisting the general public redeeming cans and bottles, as well as playing a positive role in our community with respect to the environment by reducing waste and promoting reuse of containers," she said.

People can continue to bring their returnable cans and bottles to the redemption center at 1000 Massachusetts Ave. to redeem them for themselves, or they can donate the proceeds of their returnables to BFAIR, a nonprofit agency that provides adult family care, residential, in-home clinical services, employment and day services for adults and children with developmental disabilities, and acquired brain injury, autism and homecare services for older adults.

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