While March 17 is not an official holiday in Massachusetts, it might as well be. No other state quite knows how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day like Massachusetts.

While St. Patrick's Day is traditionally an Irish holiday celebrating the feast day of their patron saint, originally celebrated with religious feasts and services, it has since become a celebration of Irish culture in the U.S. The Americanized version of the holiday has more to do with green beer rather than an actual celebration of the Irish culture, but you know, that's just what we do.

Given the high population of Irish decedents living in the Bay State, there are no shortages of places to celebrate the not so holy day in Massachusetts. There are parties and parades throughout the state from Cape Cod to the Berkshires.

According to a recent study from WalletHub, the Massachusetts capitol city of Boston was named the best city to celebrate the St. Patrick's Day holiday in 2023. While it's a pretty wildly known fact that Boston tops the list when it comes to St. Paddy's day destinations, a second Massachusetts city made the list of the best place to party on March 17.

Two Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Massachusetts

In addition to Boston taking the top spot, Worcester came in at number 12 on the list of the 20 best places in the U.S. to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. In 2022 it was estimated that over 10,000 people attended Worcesters Paddy's Day parade last year, despite freezing cold temperatures. With the mild winter, Massachusetts has been experiencing in 2023, this year's number expects to be even higher.

To deduce the list of the Top 20 Cities for St. Patrick's Day which can be seen below, WalletHub, "compared 200 of the largest U.S. cities across 15 key metrics, ranging from Irish pubs and restaurants per capita to the lowest price for a three-star hotel on St. Patrick’s Day to the weather forecast."

Top 20 Cities for St. Patrick’s Day
1. Boston, MA11. Henderson, NV
2. Philadelphia, PA12. Worcester, MA
3. Chicago, IL13. Fresno, CA
4. Pittsburgh, PA14. San Francisco, CA
5. New York, NY15. Tampa, FL
6. Reno, NV16. Syracuse, NY
7. Santa Rosa, CA17. Cedar Rapids, IA
8. Naperville, IL18. Orange, CA
9. Buffalo, NY19. Dayton, OH
10. Boise, ID20. Milwaukee, WI

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