Summer is in the rearview mirror and we are now into fall. Each year when summer comes to an end, I always think back to when I would go swimming as a kid. My two favorite all-time bodies of natural water to take a dip in consist of Bellevue Falls and Pecks Falls, both located in Berkshire the Town of Adams.

Bellevue Falls

Bellevue Falls which is located in Bellevue Cemetery to me is more of the thrill ride of the two waterfalls. There are high ledges you can jump off into the natural pool of water. However, Bellevue tends to get more traffic and at times can be a bit more crowded than Pecks Falls. You can't beat the jumping aspect at Bellevue though (check out the video below). I have been going and jumping off the ledges at Bellevue Falls since I was four or five years old. In that time, I have seen people ride their bikes off the ledges into the water, perform backflips, summersaults, even people throwing their dogs into the water is/was an activity at Bellevue, one that I don't condone by the way. Needless to say, depending on when you hit it, Bellevue can get a bit rowdy. Plus, you do need to watch out for glass when walking barefoot in the area.

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Pecks Falls

Pecks Falls is also located in Adams, at the Greylock Glen. This swimming area has a more private feel than Bellevue and oftentimes there are little to no people at the waterfall. If you want a more private and peaceful experience, Pecks wins out hands down. However, the jumping aspect is not really available at Peck's and the pool is a bit more shallow. If you want ice-cold water then Pecks is the champion in the frigid department. This is probably because the sun doesn't hit the water the way it does at Bellevue. Bellevue is a bit more open than Pecks.

It's really difficult for me to pick an ultimate winner. If I'm in the mood for some jumping, then I'll take Bellevue. If I want some peacefulness and privacy while turning into an ice cube. Pecks wins out.

Which of the two is your favorite and why?  

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