Alex Kelly has walked away from his skydiving and scenic flight business at Harriman and West Airport amid an investigation into the safety of his operations there.

The Berkshire Eagle reports the embattled owner of Berkshire Skydiving fought tooth and nail to win a lease to office space at the city's airport less than a year ago. Now, without specifying a reason to city officials, Kelly leaves amid inquiries into his business practices.

It's unclear if Kelly was aware of the inquiry into the safety of his skydiving business in North Adams or if it directly led to his departure.

Kelly's withdrawal from his lease caps off a deeply tumultuous year at the airport that featured a bitter rivalry between the local aviation community and the controversial incoming businessman.

Kelly's criminal history also came to the center of public debate.

He raped a 16-year-old girl and then a 17-year old girl within a week in 1986, but fled to Europe before he could be prosecuted.

Kelly eventually returned to the United States and was convicted of the two rapes in 1997. He ultimately served 10 years of a 16-year sentence in prison until his release in 2007.

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