Since 1939, visitors have flocked to a little hamlet in Otsego county, New York that is the permanent home of Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. We are referring to the village of Cooperstown which serves as a mecca to those who are ardent fans of America's national past time. the famed venue is located in the heart of Main Street on route 80 as those who make the pilgrimage are truly enamored and in awe over the plethora of displays and attractions that are offered on a daily basis.

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera

Our very own Kevin Larkin (aka "Mr. Baseball") has spoken about this once in a lifetime experience that serves as a pre-requisite to those who are TRUE students of the game which also features Cooperstown's All Star Village and on a rare occasion, neighboring Doubleday Field also plays host to a Major League contest which sells out instantly upon the announcement when this game takes center stage, as a pair of baseball  teams square off against each other in a memorable nine inning game.


The facility also presents various college and summer baseball leagues and the general public is also invited to show off their skills beginning in mid-April and continues until Columbus Day in October. For more details on The Hall of Fame, you can access this link by going here.

National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
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Every year, the annual Induction Ceremony is also on the agenda and this year's festivities take place on Sunday, July 24th at 1:30 "Big Papi" (David Ortiz) will be enshrined and he has some pretty good company including Mets manager Gil Hodges (long overdue) former Yankees pitcher and broadcaster, Jim Kaat, the legendary Minnie Minoso and Twins slugger, Tony Oliva. Buck O'Neill and Bud Fowler will also be honored this summer.

Baseball, ball, bat and glove

Don't forget to stroll around the village as they also have an assortment of restaurants for your dining pleasure. A perfect place to dine al fresco for lunch or dinner in the heart of Main Street. Plus, a variety of local merchants are ready to serve visitors as they definitely need a keepsake of their stop over in Cooperstown as your support assists in the local economy each and every way.

It's been a while since I have made the trek out west as my mandatory appearance is waiting and YES, I'll be revisiting the ever popular Hall of Fame sometime this summer as I highly recommend our local Berkshire residents and everyone throughout the tri-state region get in their vehicles for the 75 mile plus journey which is well worth your time. Trust me on this one: If you are a fan of baseball, this is the IDEAL day trip, guaranteed!

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