It's the end of an era: Veteran Chief Meteorologist extraordinaire Bob Kovachick has been absent from the airwaves in Berkshire county and eastern New York as he provided accurate forecasts in our backyard for over four decades. For yours truly, this was a bittersweet departure because I'm proud to call Bob my friend.

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When I first embarked on the first stage of my radio career back in 1983, he was my afternoon weatherman at WCKL in neighboring Catskill as we spent countless moments chatting about our beloved New York metro area (Mr. K is a native of Portchester, New York, just north of the Big Apple) and we enjoyed countless moments when I visited him at NewsChannel 13 and at WTEN. He was even in our K-LITE volleyball team back in the early 90's (wish I had a photo of when we were at the court as those moments were memorable with a capital M)

My utmost respect for this man will be with me forever and on Monday, it all came to an end when Bob signed off for the final time on North Pearl Street in Menands, which is now known as "Bob Kovachick Way". Here is the moment we will ALL never forget as this honor moved him in more ways than one.

(Video clip courtesy of WNYT, NewsChannel 13)

This is an excerpt of Bob's swan song in studio during Monday's 6 pm newscast. Another moving moment and you'll see why:

(Video clip courtesy of WNYT, News Channel 13)

We can't forget our near and dear friend, Benita Zahn pre-recorded her own special kudos to her esteemed colleague as she shared the anchor desk with Bob since his arrival back in 1988. If you recall, BZ departed a year earlier as she is pursuing other health related opportunities courtesy of her Doctor's degree and YES, she is STILL performing on stage as I continue to attend her LIVE shows in our listening area.

(Video clip courtesy of WNYT, NewsChannel 13)

Well said, my dear friend. The good news is Bob will continue to appear sporadically during weather related segments as his influence and expertise will not fade away. I can simply say in a few words: Bob, here's to an exciting chapter in your new found adventures and as Peter Allen used to say: "You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me". And that is a good thing as we'll keep you posted on his next cameo on-camera appearance.

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