On this 16th day of December, the highlight in history is when Massachusetts residents rebelled by throwing boxes of tea in the Atlantic Ocean at Griffin's Wharf to protest an impending tax on a beverage that is served best at 4 pm. That historical moment from 1773 is simply known as "The Boston Tea Party" as the event is commemorated yearly in the Bay State.

On a personal note, 95 years ago today, Mama Carson was born in a northern Aegean island situated in our native Greece. Her birthplace of Moudros is the third largest eastern village (The capital, Myrina has top honors followed by Atsiki in 2nd place) which depicts a slice of history towards my family's ancestry. I simply refer to this sacred ground as "The Old Country" and spent nine times in my life vacationing and exploring our magical terrain.

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Keep in mind, my mother was the eldest of five children and when she came into this world in 1927, Moudros had no modern conveniences (including electricity) but the times were simpler and there was a commitment to family in those golden days. This is why I am writing this article as my loyal Berkshire listeners and neighbors in the tri-state region should join me in wishing salutations to Mama Carson who is celebrated her special milestone in the skies above.

As a teenager, she lived through the horror of World War 2 when Germany invaded certain portions of our country (Lemnos included) as her stories up until the end were interesting and compelling. This is why I have a fondness for the TV series "Hogan's Heroes" as the one difference between both parallels was the show was comical in nature, but what mom lived was real and dramatic in nature. All these elements persuaded me to write a short story which is completed and mom gave me her blessing, as I'm in the process of re-tooling this project and hopefully I can meet you via a future book signing, God willing.

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The ironic thing about mom and dad was they knew each other from the past when my father entertained villagers in the plaza with their unique way of working a crowd. Those were the days. What drew her to the USA was the fact her younger sister, Elisabeth relocated to The Bronx and both were inseparable from the start. My father was already an established American citizen, also born in New York (like myself) before he relocated to Greece when he was only 7 years old. On the featured image, mom is on the left, our lifelong friend, Dora is the center and my aunt is to the right. They were a terrific trio as we have all made everlasting memories in our lifetime.

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I can safely say my association with mom was "adverserial" in nature, but after all I was an only child, but she was STILL my mother as we had our rollercoaster ride in life but there are times when she is sorely missed. We had our moments where her stories enlightened me and she was very supportive of my radio career from the start. She was so proud of the friends I made in this business as those who I grew up listening to became important mentors in my life. There was a mother and son bond that words could not describe and as she reached her latter years, I made it my mission to be there at all times when needed. Thanks also to "my big brother" and dear cousin, Hercules Invictus who stands by me each and every day!

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When mom was diagnosed with dementia in 2018, the hardest decision made was to keep her under 24-7 care at a nursing home as I know those who watched over her for the last year and a half of her life had mom's best interests in mind. She and I ALWAYS reminded ourselves of our days at "The Old Country" which led to stimulating conversation from the past and that was my aim every time we got together which made my visits bearable in nature.

March 8th 2020 was the LAST time I saw my mother as something told me to head south and spend quality time with her (Ironically, it was on my uncle Gus's birthday as i wanted to spend time with my aunt to remember him on his special day. He was mom's brother-in-law and was also my godfather. Gus was the BEST you could ever ask for in a relative. I LOVE him to this day!) Ironically when COVID set in, 2 days afterwards ALL nursing homes were closed to the public. I would say this final get-together was a miracle from up above and I'll always keep those moments alive in my heart!

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On April 23rd 2020, (the feast day of St. George, that was dad's name) mom left us at the age of 92, after her last month on this earth was hectic and trying. What STILL hurts me is that I could NOT say goodbye to her in my own way. This is why I wrote this article as I'm asking all of you to salute her on this milestone day as my listeners have become family to me each and every day. Your support means so much and mom is also giving her stamp of approval from up above.

Again, Happy Birthday, Mama Carson. Her memory will ALWAYS remain eternal and everlasting.

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