The latest in a series of intermittent closures had the Berkshire Mall closed to commerce on Thursday. reports the Regal Cinema remained open for its regular schedule of shows. A barricade consisting of a fence and upturned tables from the food court prevented people from entering to go to the movies from venturing into the food court and beyond.

At Target, the large gate was down over the department store’s mall entrance.

The manager on duty at Target just after 4 p.m. on Thursday said he did not know when the store received word that the mall would be closing for the day, and he did not know whether that status would change on Friday. He referred all questions to the manager who would be on duty Friday morning.

Both Target and Regal own their own sections of the building and are therefore not affected by any mall closure.

The holding company that owns the mall has been the subject of litigation, power outages and tax disputes with the town since it acquired the property in September of 2016.


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