We recently published an article featuring a beloved Berkshire town being #1 for fall fun in all of Massachusetts. You can check out that article by going here. There's no doubt that Berkshire County is the perfect place for fall activities. In the previous article, we talked about some of the fun, unique activities and events the Berkshires have to offer for fall fun.

Berkshire County Offers a Sense of Serenity During the Fall Season

Events aside, Berkshire County has that crisp look and atmosphere during the fall season. It truly will put you in a state of serenity. It's peaceful to look out the window at the trees or take a look at our popular landmarks and take in the beauty and charm that fall brings to those landmarks. Our Berkshire mountains during the fall are second to none. It's no wonder, we have a healthy number of tourists in autumn as they want to take in the views as well. They've been hearing about the Berkshires' beauty during the fall and they don't want to miss out on the action. Who could blame them?

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Speaking of Fall Foliage, A Charming Berkshire County Town Gets Some Well-Deserved Recognition

Trips to Discover, the source for the article that was previously mentioned which is entitled Beloved Berkshire Town is #1 for Fall Fun in Massachusetts recently published another article that highlights another Berkshire County town. This time around, Trips To Discover has recognized the Town of Stockbridge as one of the best 15 small towns in the U.S. for fall foliage. Here's an excerpt from the article giving kudos to one of our beautiful Berkshire Towns:

One of the most charming towns in Massachusetts, its streets are lined with antique shops and museums, including the Norman Rockwell Museum with the town the birthplace of the 20th-century author, illustrator, and painter. The surrounding scenic countryside is ideal for hiking and biking, or you can take a drive along the winding roads that will be framed with golds, reds and the occasional pop of deep scarlet. Stockbridge Bowl, or Lake Mahkeenac, offers some of the most magnificent displays of color against the backdrop of the water.

What do you think? Does Stockbridge deserve the nod? It would be difficult to argue but there are definitely some other towns in the Berkshires that deserve to join Stockbridge on the list. What are the 14 other towns on the list? Find out now by going here.

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