Working in radio I get a chance to speak with musicians throughout Berkshire County. When we were in the heart of the pandemic, many Berkshire musicians told me how they missed playing out and getting together with their bands. Some bands forged ahead and took the time during the pandemic to brush up and rehearse regularly while others were on break due to safety measures related to COVID-19. The common theme I have heard from most Berkshire County musicians as of late as they are glad that they can get back out and perform whether it's summer concerts, street fairs, town parks, etc. It doesn't really matter the venue so much, our county's talented and amazing musicians are just happy to perform live once again.

There's a Special Day in August and Berkshire County Musicians as well as Musicians Throughout the World, are Invited to Play Music. It's Easy and Fun

I don't know how I missed this but there is a day in August called Play Music on the Porch Day where people from all over the world are invited to play some live music on their porch, patio, deck, etc. It's a simple idea but the purpose of the day is to take some time out of our busy lives and just listen to and play music. This day shows the world that music transcends beyond barriers and ties us all together. That sounds pretty peaceful and fun to me. Naturally, Berkshire County musicians are encouraged to participate. You can shoot a video of your performance and then share it on any social media platform -  #playmusicontheporchday

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So get your friends, family, and bandmates together and join in the fun on Aug. 27. You can get more information about Play Music on the Porch Day by going here. Check out some featured videos below.

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