One Berkshire County restaurant I enjoyed as a kid was Burger King. I lived in North Adams at the time so my parents would take me to that location once in a while as a treat. I particularly enjoyed Burger King because what other restaurant could you get a cool crown for free? It may sound corny but getting that crown was fun and made me feel like a little king. I'm not the only one. My friends also felt special when they would receive their free crowns. It's a great marketing strategy that still works to this day.

The Berkshire County Burger King Restaurants Were Fun Places for Birthday Parties 

Another aspect of the North Adams Burger King I enjoyed as a youth was having my birthday party at the restaurant. I really cherish this memory as it is one of my first birthday party memories. At the time, Burger King had an indoor slide that you could slide down and land in a ball pit or something to that variation. I just remember my friends and me having a good time going down the slide in our Burger King crowns jumping and laughing. It was so much fun.

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Burger King is/has Eliminated a Sandwich from Their Menu

Nowadays, I'm not having birthday parties at Burger King but I will occasionally stop by the Lenox or Pittsfield locations and grab a treat. If you are a fan of the Ch'King sandwich, you're in for some disappointing news as the Burger King chain is discontinuing the sandwich (not the classic) and replacing it with the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, this is according to an Aug. 22, 2022 article from Eat This, Not That!

It May Be Too Late at This Point to Enjoy the Ch'King Sandwich but if You Want to Know for Sure You Can Call the Berkshire County Burger King Locations

After viewing Burger King's menu on their website, the Ch'King sandwich is no longer an option but the Royal Crispy Sandwich, sure enough, is on the menu. If you really want to be sure that the Ch'King has gone bye-bye, you can call the restaurant as there are three Burger King locations in Berkshire County. The contact information for each restaurant is listed below:

29 1st Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 448 - 9940

500 Pittsfield Road
Lenox, MA 01240
(413) 395-0862

74 American Legion Drive
North Adams, MA 01247
(413) 662-3521

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