With the recent winter storms that Massachusetts and New England have experienced, Berkshire County has been pretty lucky for the most part. Some of the latest winter storms didn't amount to much for us but in other parts of Massachusetts, New England as well as New York, people were hit hard by the winter weather. Boston alone received over 23 inches of snow after the recent bomb cyclone reared its ugly head. Many folks across Massachusetts and surrounding areas had to wait a long while for electricity to be restored. In addition, they struggled to find ways to stay warm during the outages. There's no doubt that we have been dealing with some frigid winter temperatures thus far.

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In addition to power outages, staying warm, and digging out, the blood crisis is intensifying due to the fact that the latest storms canceled Red Cross blood drives, 500 to be exact. Needless to say, there's a desperate need for blood donations and time is of the essence. The Red Cross reports people who urgently need blood donations are cancer patients, trauma victims, and those with blood disorders.

Berkshire County Residents Can Help by Rolling Up Their Sleeves

Here's a Facebook post from Massachusetts General Hospital on Jan. 25, 2022

If you live in central Berkshire County, there are some blood drives coming up in nearby New Lebanon, NYIf you live in the southern Berkshires, there's a blood drive scheduled this month in the town of Copake, NY (you're eligible to win a $10 Amazon gift card if you donate blood at the Copake blood drive on Feb. 25) You can book your appointment and get more information by going here or by calling 1-800-733-2767. The Red Cross thanks you for your time, generosity, and donation.

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