With summer fast approaching, many pet owners want to make sure they keep their animals safe, even if the heat here in Berkshire County and Massachusetts is less intense than other parts of the country.  As an owner of two golden retrievers, I’m one of them!

Pet owners are generally very aware about not leaving their pet in a hot car, or not exercising them in hot weather.  However, there’s another heat related question I feel gets lost in the shuffle.  And that question is:

Should I cut or shave my pet’s fur in the summer?

The general answer…is no.

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Now, before I get grooming businesses mad at me, let me clarify.  It’s generally ok to groom your pet, and to get him or her a summer trim.  Getting a trim generally allows for better air flow through your pet’s coat, which will keep him or her cooler.  And, animals shed naturally in the summer anyhow, so keeping all that shedding in check is fine.

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What’s not fine, and you shouldn’t do, is actually shaving your pet’s fur, or cutting it way too short.

Why is that?

We have to remember, that just because all that fur might look uncomfortable to us, it’s actually helping your pet cool down in the heat.  What’s fascinating is that the fur coat that helps keep them warm in the winter is also responsible for helping them keep cool in the summer heat.  It’s a part of their natural, built-in cooling system, and if you cut or shave too much of their hair, it’s actually detrimental.  Overheating and heat stroke, sunburns and other dangers are actually more likely.  Imagine someone hindering our ability to sweat properly.

As with anything pet related, always check with your vet with any questions, and take your pet to a professional groomer who should know just how much to trim, and not trim, in the summer heat. 

Stay safe, and enjoy a happy summer with your furry best friend!

More information can be found here.

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