Massachusetts has several bills waiting in the wings on the governor's desk. Some of these bills may get passed, others may not and will have to be tried again in the future. Did you know that one bill in 2019 proposed banning youth football in Massachusetts? Crazy, right? You can read more about that proposal by going here.

There are a variety of bills that will be examined and are up for consideration in Massachusetts. When the formal session ends in July we'll see what gets passed and what doesn't. One type of proposal that comes up regularly consists of bills that try to ban things as exemplified in the football article that we mentioned earlier. By the way, come later this year, it will be illegal to dispose of these three items in Massachusetts.

One proposal that is on the table for Massachusetts is banning a household item...rodent traps. But not just any rodent trap. 

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No, it's not the snap traps.

How about those electronic mouse traps?


It must be the cages, right?

No, try again.

I Know What it Is...

It's those tough, adhesive glue boards, correct?


If this bill passes, Massachusetts residents that are caught using the glue traps may have to pay a fine of $50. You can read more about the bill by going here.

There's no doubt that there are some Massachusetts folks that feel strongly about eliminating the use of glue traps while others feel that the traps are effective. One thing is for sure, with those traps you can catch things that you didn't expect to catch including bugs, birds, snakes, a cat or dog's paw, and a whole host of non-rodent animals. Will the bill pass? We'll have to wait and see.

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