Massachusetts has set the ambitious goal of processing testing for COVID-19 to 75,000 tests a day by the end of the year, at least seven times the number currently being done.
Gov. Charlie Baker said testing capacity will be critical to the state's ability to safely reopen for commercial and social activities.
Overall testing capacity has risen to about 30,000 a day with about 10,000 to 12,000 tests currently being done; Wednesday saw 14,000 processed.
 The governor's plan calls for boosting capacity to 45,000 a day by the end of July, or 16 million a year; by the end of December, 75,000 a day or 27 million a year.
The goal will be to decrease the positive testing rate to 5 percent. It's currently ranged from 9 percent to 14 percent, down from a quarter to a third of tests coming back positive a month ago.
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