For those that know me, (or hate me LOL) I have LED headlights on my 2004 Toyota Highlander. Of course, they didn't come stock due to the age of the vehicle. I ordered the bulbs on Amazon for about less than $80 altogether. Now since I was only looking to see better at night and not really show off my vehicle, I stuck to bright white lights. Since it's the common color for headlights anywhere. And yes, I've had people flash at me thinking it was my high beams. I'm sorry if did happen to blind you one night. LOL

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But what about colored headlights are they illegal? 

Just recently I saw an old late 80s, early 90s Chevy Suburban with green highlighted headlights which look really amazing in my opinion. In the past I've seen orange, yellow, and pink headlights!  According to Massachusetts Headlight Laws, the only colors that are off limits red and blue since they are only authorized for emergency vehicles only.

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Massachusetts state statute 90-7E,  provides for police vehicles to display blue and red emergency lights. Police cars and trucks are permitted to mount a red light that flashes or rotates in the reverse direction from which the police vehicle is traveling.

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Massachusetts state statute 90-7E, any fire apparatus can display an oscillating or flashing red light, as well as a blue light that turns in the reverse direction that the fire truck is traveling. Additionally, a vehicle that is owned by fire department personnel may be outfitted with red lights and used to respond to fires and emergencies. This includes vehicles owned by the chief or deputy chief, a fire chaplain, or any other member of a town fire department. These lights are only permitted to be displayed when the driver of the vehicle is authorized to respond to a fire or an alarm.

Displaying of any red or lights on a vehicle with no authorization or a permit to do so can lead to hefty fines or even arrest. Take my advice, you want the most visibility stick with bright white. Although the other drivers might not thank you later. LOL 

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