A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that Harvard Law Review discriminates against whites and men when selecting its student editors and articles. The judge's decision yesterday says the suit failed to identify anyone who was harmed by Harvard's policies. An anti-affirmative action group in Texas filed the suit in 2018, and a second group joined in January.

BOSTON (AP) - Traffic congestion in Massachusetts has reached a tipping point as the state's existing transportation infrastructure bumps up against a surging economy. That's the conclusion of a report released Thursday by the state Department of Transportation. Gov. Charlie Baker said there are steps the state can take to combat congestion, including easing traffic bottlenecks, adding separate tolled lanes to existing roads and building more affordable housing closer to public transportation.

BOSTON (AP) - A proposed ballot question calls for a ranked-choice voting method in future state elections and primaries in Massachusetts. Supporters filed the measure in advance of Wednesday's 5 p.m. deadline. Under a ranked-choice system, voters can place candidates in numerical order of preference, from their No. 1 choice down to their least favorite. The system allows for multiple tabulations when no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the first-choice votes.

BOSTON (AP) - The parent company of Massachusetts-based supermarket chain Stop & Shop says an 11-day strike in April that affected 240 stores in three states cost $345 million in net sales. Dutch company Ahold Delhaize in second quarter results released Wednesday said the impact of the strike by workers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island on net sales is estimated at $224 million.


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