Unfortunately, there are a number of storefronts throughout North Street in Pittsfield that have had to close their doors in recent months, or have been closed for longer. Another popular business on North Street has stated that they are shutting their doors by the end of 2022.

It was back in early October that Maria Sekowski announced that she would be retiring at the end of this year. This meant that Sekowski's store, Maria's European Delights, would be closing if there is not someone else that was wanting to step in and run the business.

As iBerkshires.com mentioned, Maria Sekowski brought the Eastern European deli to life that so many enjoyed. The comments in her initial Facebook announcement were filled love and congratulatory sentiment, although were also sad that she would know longer be bringing the energy to the store that brought some amazing kielbasa, cheeses, homemade soups, and what some would call the best Reuben sandwich in the Berkshires.

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Maria's husband, Kryzstof 'Kris' started up the business in Great Barrington in 2007. Maria joined him full-time at the store in 2008. As they built relationships with several in the community and throughout the Berkshires, they moved the business up to Pittsfield in 2013. Sadly, Kryzstof passed away the following year. Since then, Maria has been running the business. Maria told iBerkshires.com about the challenges she had running the deli since then:

It would be nice if somebody had bought it and continued...[It would] be a nice thing for a couple. For one person that's, that's too much. Would be nice for a family and it would prevent another storefront from being empty on North Street.

It remains unclear as to whether someone else may come in to run the store. If not, as Maria Sekowski eluded to in her social media post, the store will close when she retires.

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