People spend way too much time staring at screens.  So why not put down the phone, sit back, and let my silky smooth voice massage your beautiful earballs instead?

According to the latest numbers from Nielsen, Americans now spend an average of over 11 hours a day consuming media.

Radio is the most common form of media people take in . . . 92% of people listen to radio in an average week. Thank-you !

TV is second, at 88% . . . and smart phones are third, at 79%.  Here's how our 11 hours a day break down . . .

Live TV, recorded TV, or a device like a Roku, 5.2 hours a day.

Using your smart phone, 2.4 hours.

Radio, 1.8 hours.

Using a tablet, 0.8 hours.

Using the computer for non-work purposes, 0.7 hours.

Playing video games, 0.2 hours.

Watching a DVD or Blu-Ray, 0.1 hours.


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