iBerkshires.com reports the state Department of Environmental protection has mandated that the Adams Water District make nearly $1 million in upgrades to the system.

Water District Superintendent John Barrett told the Board of Health on Wednesday that DEP has ordered the district to install chlorine injection systems at all their pumps and said it is unlikely they will meet the Dec 31 deadline.

He said DEP asked the district over a year ago to install a "crude" temporary chlorine injection system only at one pump but after the boil-water order earlier this year, the district was told to install a permanent system at all three of the pumps.

The project was originally slated to cost $750,000 and was already at 70 percent design. Now it has to go back to the drawing board for a $950,000 project.

The Water District is a separate governmental body that operates the town's water system and infrastructure and supports the Fire Department.

Barrett said there is a lengthy permitting process to go through and it would be impossible to get everything ready for Dec. 31.

The district asked for an extension and DEP did allow it to focus on one pump at this time, however, Barrett said he did not want to spend money on engineering just to do it all over again.

He added that he is unsure what fine the district will receive or if the DEP fines it all.

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