The Adams Selectmen and Finance Committee reviewed the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District amended agreement last week.  reports the joint meeting Wednesday included members of the Regional Agreement Amendment Committee who outlined the major changes in the agreement.
The Regional Agreement Amendment Committee, or RAAC, formed in 2017 to update the antiquated agreement between the two towns. A subcommittee was formed with members from both Adams and Cheshire and the Massachusetts Association of Regional Schools was hired to facilitate the amendment process.
The School Committee voted to approve the amended agreement late last year after the Department of Education signed off on it.
MARS facilitator Jay Barry outlined some of the changes and said a good portion of the overhaul was just language updates that aligned the agreement with state and federal standards.
Some of the more substantial tweaks includes changing the district's name to Hoosac Valley Regional School District and adding a clause that would mandate that certain votes such as closing a school or hiring a superintendent would need more than a straight majority. These votes would need an affirmative vote from both an Adams and Cheshire committee member.


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