iBerkshires.com  reports Adams Selectmen are reviewing transfer station operations, which currently is operating at a deficiency.
"We have a pretty substantial structural deficit and we need to look at methods such as cost control or fee increases," said Kevin Towle, executive assistant to the town administrator, said at Wednesday's workshop meeting.
Town Administrator Jay Green went over some projected numbers and explained that even with anticipated revenues, the town will be looking at deficit between $59,666 and $76,306 at the end of the fiscal year.
He did note that the town wants to provide the service and the only goal would be to work toward cost neutrality. He said the budget will be able to absorb the cost.
The Selectmen felt people were abusing the transfer station and that ultimately costs the town. Selectman Joseph Nowak said people use the transfer station without stickers and use larger bags than allowed.
Nowak noted that he did not blame the attendant because it is a lot to oversee for a single person but there is an enforcement issue.
Selectman John Duval agreed.
Treasurer Kelly Rice suggested having a police officer randomly visit the transfer station and Green said they could also look at a more official uniform for the attendant and pushing that the employee take more of a stance against abusers.
Green said one option would be to only allow a certain number of vehicles in at a time so the attendant can oversee what is actually going on. He added this would most certainly cause traffic backups.
He said the state Department of Environmental Protection will not allow the town to burn the brush and composting is not an option.
The only option is to chip and remove the material but the town does not have equipment large enough to accomplish this.
He said would have to pay $15,000 for a mobile chipper to visit town.
Green said he could see if North Adams would be interested in splitting the cost if the city has material to chip but this would still be expensive.


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