With the help of a reimbursement from Berkshire Health Group, the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District returned the retiree health insurance split to 75/25.

IBerkshires.com reports that the School Committee voted last Monday to continue providing 75 percent of the premiums for non-Medex users after receiving nearly $200,000 in Berkshire Health Group Retiree Drug Subsidy Funds.

The split for Medex users will go back to 67/33. Last month, the committee voted to change the retiree health insurance split to 60/40 for non-Medex users and 51/49 for Medex users to be more in line with active employees.

Business Manager Erika Snyder said Berkshire Health Group received a series of these reimbursements over the years that created a pool of money used to maintain rates.

Because Berkshire Health Group funds are currently strong, and its board voted in February to disburse these reimbursements gathered from fiscal years 2006, 2008 and 2009 to Berkshire Health group members.

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