The Adams Board of Health is considering creating a policy that would allow it to inspect short-term room rentals, like those rented through reports the discussion was prompted by the bill recently signed by Gov. Charlie Backer that would tax and regulate short-term room rentals. Hosts will be required to register with the state and secure insurance, but those who rent out their homes for 14 days or less will be exempt from the state tax. The bill goes into effect on July 1.

Rhoads said he did not think there were more than three rentals in town but felt any location should be healthy and safe.

Code Enforcement Officer Thomas Romaniak had logistical concerns about the inspections and did not know how the town would keep track of all possible rentals.

He also felt with the likelihood the bill will be appealed, it may be best to hold off on a decision. Airbnb already filed suit last summer against the city of Boston when it enacted an ordinance forcing hosts to register and pay a $200 fee.

Although no decision was made Wednesday, Rhoads said he would like to discuss the issue at a future meeting.

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