Stuffed animals have a sense of sentimentality for all ages. In this case, an Agawam, Massachusetts woman, Mary Mellinger Kirk accidentally donated her precious keepsake, a orange tabby cat that was given to her son by her father during the child's infancy. There is one interesting factor to this attachment. Upon Mary's father's passing four years ago, the family inserted a vial of his ashes inside the stuffed feline and it was donated to Savers, located in West Springfield back on March 7th.

It was days later, she realized her father's ashes were STILL in the stuffed cat as Mary posted on her Facebook page that she needed this priceless memento back in her possession after it was accidentally placed in a box of donations that she gave to Savers earlier this month. She originally offered a $50 reward for it's return and recently elevated the price to $350 as reports indicate someone picked up the stuffed cat on March 13th.

Numerous people have offered to step up and assist her in the quest for it's return. This sentimental four legged friend was given to her infant son, Paul by her father as the vial of ashes was also inserted as a lifelong tribute. Paul Jr. was instrumental in taking care of his beloved grandfather during the final year of his life, therefore it's return is imperative.

The good news is that Saver does NOT throw away any stuffed animals, but they are recycled. An unsuccessful search at the warehouse yielded negative results. Another indicator is the cat meows three times via a voice box upon movement of one arm. Each of these items also has a serial number. Contact Mary via her Facebook page and if you promptly return this non-replaceable item to her, the $350 reward will be offered with no questions asked.

Mary reiterated the stuffed animal will be safely returned:

attachment-Mary Mellinger Kirk

"I am positive it is out there. I just think whoever has it just doesn't know that someone is looking for it".

Berkshire residents are also hoping for a happy ending to this story. So far, over 4,000 people have shared her post as this is a team effort statewide to assist in finding this irreplaceable memory and returning it to her Agawam home. We'll say some prayers in making this quest a TRUE success.

(Cover photos courtesy of Mary Mellinger Kirk's Facebook page)

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