I've got a story here about a new workout program where you get electric shocks while you exercise.

But it turns out it's not what I thought, which was a personal trainer zapping you with a cattle prod every time you slow down on a treadmill.  (Although I feel like that could be SUPER effective too . . .)

But I digress ......a gym in New York City called Shock Therapy hooks people up to special suits that are powered with something called Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology.

So while you're exercising, it's sending safe little pulses of electricity through your muscles, which helps activate them and makes the training more effective.

And they say that the shocks are so effective that you'll get results in half the time it would normally take.  Their workouts only last 30 minutes, but the benefits to your body are just like the ones you'd get if you worked out normally for an hour.

They're charging $50 per class for the treatment.  And there's no word on whether they plan to expand their program to other gyms or other cities.

CBS 2 - New York

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