A new bill just sign into law by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker could help save the life of a Massachusetts police dog injured in the line of duty.  The law allows a provision for first responders to treat and transport injured K9s to a vet for emergency treatment according to The Associated Press.

The Nero bill received Gov. Baker’s signature on Tuesday.  The Nero bill was named after Nero a K9 on the Yarmouth Police force.  According to the AP report Nero’s partner Police Sgt. Sean Gannon was shot and killed while serving an arrest warrant in 2018.  Nero was also shot but regulations prohibited EMTs from treating Nero or transporting him by ambulance.  Nero was taken to an animal hospital in the back of a Yarmouth cruiser.

Now that the Nero bill is now law as long as there are no injured people at the scene in need of medical attention and transport an EMT can treat and transport an injured police K9 to an animal hospital according to AP.

The lead sponsor of the bill Senator Mark Montigny said in a statement “This law will help ensure the wellbeing of working dogs who risk their lives every day to keep us safe” according to The Associated Press.

Last August Thomas Latanowich of Somerville was convicted of 2nd-degree murder for killing Yarmouth Police Sgt. Sean Gannon.  He was sentenced to 25 years to life.

According to the Yarmouth Police Department Nero fully recovered from the gunshot wound and was enjoying retirement from the force living with his former partner's family.

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