Are we at the point where we are going to compare all future scams to the Fyre Festival scam?  Because if so, this was the Fyre Festival of Super Bowl ticket scams.  And it didn't even involve Ja Rule.

ABC 2 - Atlanta  reports there's a businessman in the Atlanta area named Ketan Shah.  And for the past few months, he'd been advertising special access to great Super Bowl tickets.

He wound up scamming about $1 MILLION from around a dozen different people . . . including close friends, old business contacts, and even his own Mother.

And then . . . he vanished.

The cops say they're trying to track him down.  A spokesman says, quote, "It's not that he posted some ad and random people are contacting this guy . . . he's known these people for many years.

"We'd certainly like to get his side and see if there's something more, some trouble that he's been in."


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