Even though this next story did NOT take place locally in The Berkshires or throughout the Bay State, we all might learn something regarding the subjects of truth, honesty and persistence. Let's give you the scoop on this upbeat tale as we head  to the "southern side" of the globe.

A 15 year old from the land "down under" (aka Australia) made an "interesting" find at the Witham River as he was out fishing with his father. They would never think of bringing up a treasure chest that contained thousands of dollars as this discovery was made about a month ago in Grantham, Lincolnshire. The catch: It belonged to a local businessman who reported the vault missing over 2 decades ago.

This also leads into how this became a good deed as they managed to return the safe and it's contents to it's rightful owner. They also found about $2,500 in Australian money that was hidden in a small pouch along with bank cards that expired and a certificate containing the name Rob Everett, who is STILL active in the business realm.

Both men paid Rob a visit to his business which is located in Grantham as every piece of those missing contents were hand delivered to him  They were shocked to find the amount of money that was retrieved during their tremendous find.  Everett had nothing but praise for George and his father:

"I was just amazed that they'd been able to track me down. There are some really nice and good people in this world. They could have kept the money, they could have said they attempted to get hold of me"

This random act of kindness taught the teenager a valuable lesson that his honesty was valued and the reward proved to give him an opportunity of future employment with Everett's company and he also received a financial stipend after bringing back this treasure to it's rightful owner. The teenager has a You Tube channel entitled "Magnetic G" as his searches also prove beneficial to the environment by monitoring river pollution that could endanger wildlife in a specific body of water.

TRUE moral of this story: Always find the goodness in your act of kindness because you will see the rewards in more ways than one!

Check out when George and his father make this interesting find as they bring this treasure chest back to the surface after it was missing for almost 22 years:

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