Here is a story about a guy who wasn't just too drunk to drive . . . arguably, he was too drunk to live !

The cops in Pinellas County, Florida pulled over 50-year-old Ricardo Portillo-Gonzalez on after they got several calls about him driving drunk.

And when they gave him a Breathalyzer test . . . yeah, those reports were right.

Because Ricardo blew a .66 on his first try, then a .64 on his second.

Those results are both eight times the legal limit.

For reference, a .40 level is considered potentially fatal . . . and Ricardo was long past that.

The police report has him listed at 200 pounds.  We did the math, and for him to have a .66 blood-alcohol level, he would need to have put back about 33 to 35 "drinks" in one hour . . . which is more than one full bottle of 100 proof hard liquor.

But somehow, he didn't die . . . or even need to go to the hospital.  He was arrested for drunk driving, and the cops kept him overnight until he posted bond and sobered up.

The Smoking Gun

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