Are you ready to experience an immersive, interactive indoor haunted experience, dropping you right in the center of a Hollywood quality nightmare? You don't need to head out west as this experience is right here in our backyard north of Springfield, Massachusetts. Make your plans during the month of October to receive a 'hair raising" moment or two, because this is rule of thumb when you set foot the # 1 haunted attraction in The Bay State!

Haunted House
Fox 11

The "Demented" FX Haunted House was established in 2014. In it's first two years of existence, they were located in East Hampton at the Button building. To respond to consumer requests for a longer and more immersive haunted house, they relocated to 530 Main Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The facility has twice the square footage from it's current location.

Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell

What do you think is "the heart and soul of this business"? The answer is 40 plus local cast members that are employed each season as they attempt to put the scare in your life!. And nine out of 10 believe this lives up to it's promise! It has been Jeremie L's dream to open a haunted house and while difficult at times this experience has been has been incredibly rewarding.

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Check us out on Facebook where they have over 20,000 fans on board. Log on to their web site for future events as we prepare you for the paranormal experience of your life. I'm sure our favorite UFO couple, Arno and Kathy Pinsonault have set foot in this establishment as they had flashlights in hand for a mind-boggling exploration (after all they reside in the Springfield area, so why not)


Other patrons agree this is one of THE BEST haunted houses they have set foot in and it is highly recommended by many fellow "ghostbusters" as this facility has top notch animatronics and is deemed one of the "scariest" encounters that you will experience so in three words: "Proceed With Caution".

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