I’ve never really considered the beauty of covered bridges, but I recently discovered that there is an entire community of covered bridge lovers out there. It also seems that covered bridges are much like an endangered species. According to the book ‘Covered Bridges Today’ written by Brenda Krekeler, the United States at one time had as many as 12,000 covered bridges. According to Krekeler, that number has now diminished to under 1,000.  

Through some research, I’ve discovered that more than 100 covered bridges have been built in Massachusetts since the late 1700s, but today only a handful of them are still standing.  

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Here are 9 amazing covered bridges from the Berkshires past and present and several others in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that are structurally incredible inside and out.  

(All pictures used with permission of Dale Travis of dalejtravis.com)

9 Amazing Covered Bridges in the Berkshires from the Past and Present

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