There's no disputing that pretty much EVERYONE loves pizza! That much, we can agree on. Unfortunately, there are certain topping that really just do NOT belong on pizza. And the one topping that does not and should never go on pizza is pineapple! Some will agree with me, but those who don't are outraged that I had the nerve to type that. As they should, this is a vastly polarizing topic. So let's discuss why this is...

There are several reasons why pineapple should not be on pizza. When you think of what's is on your typical pizza, you probably think of your preference of cheese, sauce, crust, and then pineapple? Wait, what? Gross! Everything sounded great there, right up until the part that included pineapple. There are some who don't like it because of the specific texture it brings to the pizza as a topping. Just thinking about that sounds awful. It just doesn't work.

Those are a couple of the simple opinions. But those don't really dive into the heart of the real issue; Why pineapple does not belong on pizza in Massachusetts...

Reasons Why Pineapple Does NOT Belong On Pizza in Massachusetts

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There you have it! More than enough reasons to never think about putting pineapple on your pizza ever again...EVER! Not just in Massachusetts, but anywhere. I mean, I guess it's fine up in Canada. If you read the thing about Canada, then based on that, I'm sure it's like their pepperoni up there. So maybe that's okay, but under NO other circumstance should pineapple ever be on pizza!

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